Boiler Conversion – Briquette


We, at ANTEC Services, assist our clients in converting their boiler fuel from oil to briquette. With this, you can reduce a large part of your power plant’s operating costs and increase the efficacy of your boiler systems. Some of the benefits you can have with our boiler fuel conversion services are:

Decreased Cost: Briquette is a cheaper fuel as compared to oil. By converting your boiler to operate in briquette, you can significantly cut down on your power plant’s fuel costs.

Easy Storage: Converting fuel to briquette can help to reduce its volume considerably which makes it easier to store and transport. Briquettes usually have a long shelf life and can be produced in customizable sizes.

Less Pollution: Briquette is a much cleaner fuel than oil as it does not contain any Sulphur. It is an environment friendly solution for it produces much less pollution and does not create any dust.

Increased Efficiency: Uniform combustion characteristics and physical dimensions allow the briquettes to burn efficiently in a controlled manner. They have a high bulk density, low moisture and ash content that allow them to perform quite well in boilers.

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