Boiler Conversion – Pet Coke


We, at ANTEC Services, provide petcoke-fired boilers to industries across India. WAntec Services - Pet Cokeith our petcoke boilers, you can rest assured that your existing power plant will operate at higher efficiency and reduced fuel cost. If you are currently using domestic/imported coal as a fuel in your steam boilers, you can opt for our boiler retrofitting services. The skilled professionals at our company provide complete retrofitting service to boilers of capacities 2 TPH to 150 TPH, pressure 150 bar and temperature up to 525o C. We are well equipped to design/ retrofit boilers to either 100% petcoke or multi-fuel (for both coal and petcoke). Multi-fuel petcoke-fired boilers work with a blend of coal and petcoke in different proportions.

We understand that every industry has different requirements and budget, thus we offer tailored boiler conversion services to all our customers. The technicians at ANTEC Services will not only retrofit your existing boilers, but also provide maintenance and repair services to ensure smooth functioning of your equipment. We use state-of-the-art technology for all of our boiler conversion projects. With years of experience in designing and installing petcoke boilers, we assure you that your industry will greatly benefit from our team of engineers and trained workforce.

Benefits Of Petcoke-Fired Boilers:

  • Low Ash Content: The ash content of petcoke typically ranges from 1-2%, as compared to that of domestic coal, which is 45%. Thus, by using a blend of petcoke with coal, the quantity of ash generated will reduce drastically.
  • High Calorific Value: The calorific value of petcoke can range from 8300 to 8400 Kcal/kg, which is almost twice as that of domestic coal. Thus, the boiler’s combustion efficiency will improve.
  • Cost-effective Fuel:  Petcoke is a relatively affordable fuel as compared to domestic coal. Thus, with a higher percentage of petcoke in the fuel blend, you can save more on your overheads.
  • Additional Benefits: Low moisture content, high resistance to chemical and physical degradation.

Industries We Serve

  • Cement Kilns
  • Electric Power Plants
  • Steel Industries
  • Tyre Industries
  • Textile Industries
  • Paper Industries
  • Other Carbon Consuming Industries – Aluminum, Graphite Electrode, Titanium Dioxide etc.

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