Boiler Fuel Conversion


Boiler Fuel Conversion India

At ANTEC Services, we offer complete boiler fuel conversion in order to increase its efficiency and reduce your company’s overhead expenses. The boiler models that we transform are meant to yield consistent results and perform the same way they did before, that is, near the original ratings. Shifting fuel, whether from oil or coal to, pet coke or briquette can be extremely beneficial for the boiler project owners in India. Not just it reduces fuel expenses, but also helps with the fuel handling, durability and maintenance issues with the boilers.

The technicians at ANTEC Services are efficient in providing fuel conversions as well as updated combustion systems, control panels or pressure parts that may be required for the new boiler to operate. Common boiler fuel conversion options offered at ANTEC services include:

Steam Boiler Fuel Conversion – OIL to PET COKE

We help businesses to save money by converting their steam boiler’s fuel from OIL to a cheaper but high calorific value – PET COKE fuel. At ANTEC Services, we understand your steam requirements and design customized oil to pet coke boiler fuel conversion solution. Our team of engineers, designers and technicians, plan and execute your steam boiler conversion. Experience has shown that fuel conversion to pet coke saves Lacs of rupees every day. For more information, try our boiler fuel conversion calculator.

Steam Boiler Fuel Conversion – OIL to BRIQUETTE
Briquette is a cheaper and a cleaner fuel in comparison to OIL. We at ANTEC Services assists our clients to convert their boiler to operate on Briquette instead of OIL. We study our client’s current boiler and understand client’s steam requirements. Our team of specialized thermal engineers plan and execute fuel conversion of steam boiler from OIL to Briquette. To know more how much can you save by converting your existing boiler to work on Briquette, visit our conversion calculator.

Combustion Systems

ANTEC Services also offers the most advanced and high performing combustion systems for your converted boilers. This can help to improve its efficiency and reduce noise as well as harmful emissions from the equipment.

For more information on the boiler fuel conversion offered by ANTEC Services, call at (011) 6527 2614 or (011) 2512 1779.