Boiler India

ANTEC Services offers comprehensive boiler consulting for the power plants and energy generation projects in India. With this, we aim at making sure that all the equipment are in proper working order and do not require any retrofitting or repairs. There are a number of issues that can be resolved just with the help pf a thorough efficiency study, without the need of replacing the boiler.

Here are some of the aspects evaluated in our boiler consultancy services:

  • Combustion Efficiency: This is an indicator of the capability of the boiler’s burner to heat fuel. Our technicians will assess the quantity of excess air and residual fuel in the emissions of the boiler. Those exhibiting low levels of both parameters are considered to be more efficient. However, it is important to remember that combustion efficiency is not the same for all boilers. For instance, solid fuel burns less adroitly than a liquid or vaporous one.
  • Thermal Efficiency: In this, we will measure the functioning of the boiler’s heat exchanger. Our skilled engineers will analyse its ability to transfer heat to the liquid or vapour in the equipment.
  • Fuel To Steam Efficiency: This is an important aspect of our boiler consulting. We can help you increase the fuel to steam efficiency of your boiler and subsequently, decrease the energy overheads and increase profitability.
  • Stack Losses: This is the amount of the heat carried off due to moisture loss or dry fuel. Stack temperature is a measure of the untransformed and combustion gases released from the boiler. A highly efficient boiler will have lower stack temperature and vice versa.
  • Convection And Radiation Losses: These represent the heat lost as a result of the movement of air through the boiler (convection) as well as the heat discharged from it (radiation). Through our consulting services, our technicians will help you minimize these losses and keep the boiler properly functioning.

For more information on the boiler consulting offered by ANTEC Services, you can call at (011) 6527 2614 or (011) 2512 1779.