boiler consulting serviceANTEC Services provides specialized consulting to the clients involved in all areas of power plants and energy generation. We have a comprehensive experience in working with both small and huge thermal plants with different types of boilers as well as turbines. We aim at rendering thorough services covering varied aspects of the project planning, designing, analysis, engineering, procurement, servicing and operations management to the power plants in India.

We provide consulting services in the following areas:

  • Project Design: We use the most advanced and state of the art project design tools to deliver efficient and timely services. We will carefully analyse the present as well as future needs of your business to provide solutions that are able to meet up to the expectations.
  • Engineering: Having considerable technical expertise and experience, ANTEC Services is competent to provide the correct advice and support related to your boilers or turbines. We have a knowledge base of offering innovative solutions to a large base of clientele in India.
  • Efficiency Study: In this, our technicians will evaluate if the working of your new or used boiler is up to the mark or not. We will analyse its fuel to steam ratio, energy bills, emission rate, condition, age and other such factors.
  • Turbines: At ANTEC Services, we provide a wide range of consulting services related to the use of turbine technology for power generation. Our services are aimed at allowing our clients minimize maintenance and operations costs by making the correct choice in turbines and its parts.
  • Boilers: We are a leading company providing consultancy services to buy or sell new as well as used boilers in India. Our efficient staff and skilled engineers inspect the boiler to look for any components that require upgradation or retrofitting to increase its efficiency.

For more information on the consulting services offered by us, feel free to call at (011) 6527 2614 or (011) 2512 1779.