Efficiency Study

Boiler Efficiency Study

Maximizing the proficiency of the operations of the existing power plants in India is a necessity for the present utility industry. Considering the continuously depleting energy resources, increasing fuel prices and the issue of global warming, it is important that all the equipment in a power plant must operate to its highest level of efficiency. However, as a result of the working environment or improper maintenance, the equipment performance may deteriorate and hamper the functionality of the power generation unit.

The efficiency study conducted by ANTEC Services is aimed at closely monitoring the working of these equipment in order to improve your plant’s productivity. Our technicians have years of experience working with major power plants and boiler projects. Therefore, we are able to accurately assess, manage and maintain the equipment up to the highest quality standards. With an efficiency study, we can enable you to operate boilers and turbines as resourcefully as possible. We can also help you identify how much fuel is being consumed and how much energy is being released from the power plant.

The efficiency study conducted by ANTEC Services includes:

  • Identifying Steam System
  • Boiler Fuel To Steam Analysis
  • System Losses
  • Effectiveness Of Resource Utilization
  • Steam Trap Audit
  • Boiler Or Turbine Retrofitting Requirements

Benefits of Efficiency Study

  • We can help you continuously assess the condition of the equipment in your power plant. This can be a major indicator to prevent untimely degradation of the equipment by analysing the possible causes and taking the required measures to correct or minimize them.
  • We can also help you monitor the harmful emissions from your power plant to make sure that it does not exceed the governmental regulations.
  • Our efficiency study can allow power plant owners to optimize equipment performance to improve productivity and reduce maintenance costs.
  • You can also minimize the downtime of your plant, thus, increasing profit margins.

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