Steam Boiler Engineering

ANTEC Services offers engineering consultancy that holds the potential to transform your business into a great success. Before you set up power plants in India, there are plenty of steps involved in the process, and if you’re not well versed with all of them, you won’t be able to perform as good as you can. The equipment used has to be selected very carefully. In addition, there are several layers of managerial as well as administrational steps involved in the process.

  • Environmental And Regulatory Affairs: There are several environmental and other regulatory concerns to be kept in mind before setting up power plants in India. This includes legal obligations of the establishment and its rights or limitations as per the guidelines of the Indian Government.
  • Design And Drafting: Setting up a design for the plant and the equipment used therein is a crucial aspect of the trade. We offer the most efficient solutions based on your current and future needs. We also provide best available new and used boilers and boiler efficiency enhancement services in India.
  • Quality Management: Creating a state of the art set up is only the first step. The second and more important one is to keep a quality check as per the set guidelines of India and the world in context of your specific trade.
  • Process Engineering: There is a specific way to address your process engineering if you want to achieve your desired goals. We can explain you how to make your establishment counted among the leaders in the industry.
  • Instrumentation & Control System: The key to manufacturing high quality products in accordance to the desired level of productivity within all legal and quality guidelines.
  • Project Management: The overhead managerial aspect of the project, and a game changer in the context of energy production.
    In the broader spectrum, we are associated with several manufacturers and engineers from different renowned companies. This allows us to help you out with any of the above given aspects.



Seeking the guidance of the experienced consultants, engineers, and technicians of ANTEC Services, you can be assured that all your needs will be catered to under a single roof. Ever since our establishment, our focus has always been to boost the already existing energy generation plants through our viable and efficient solutions.

For more information on the engineering consulting offered by ANTEC Services, you can call at (011) 6527 2614 or (011) 2512 1779.