Project Design

Power Plant Design

At present, there is an increasing need of power throughout the world and this can only be met through cleaner equipment and more resourceful plants. ANTEC Services has the expertise to help you not just in meeting the demands of the industry, but also manage your operations in a better way. We provide reliable solutions to design, manage, build and run the power plants in India.  Our technicians also provide efficiency enhancement and retrofitting services to increase the operational performance and reduce downtime.

All our power plant design projects are carried out under the guidance of trained engineers. We make sure that the work on-site is accomplished uninterruptedly and in accordance with the specified guidelines and regulations. The ultimate goal of our project design services is to create a plant that perfectly meets the client’s expectations regarding the quality of the product. While designing a power plant, we follow a stepwise approach that involves multidisciplinary workforces to develop the project:

  • Specification/ Design: This includes analysing all the detailed specifications, procedures, drawings, material requirements as well as quality standards.
  • Project Management: Our technicians will create a comprehensive plan and propose strategies to execute the project within budget as well as the scheduled time period.
  • Detailed Engineering: Once the designs have been finalized, we will analyse the geographical or technical requirements for the project and procure the materials accordingly.
  • Construction Drawings: On the completion of the above given steps, we prepare construction drawings to begin work at the site of the power plant. All the drawings are prepared with precise dimensions and analysed by an experienced team of power plant designers.

For more information on the power plant project design services offered by us, feel free to call at (011) 6527 2614 or (011) 2512 1779.