Boiler InstallationANTEC Services comprises of experienced thermal engineers dedicated to helping you with your company’s power generation needs in India. We not just help you select the most appropriate boiler according to your business type, but also offer services aimed at increasing its efficiency for many more years to come. We are committed to providing expert consultation to all our clients, making sure that each and every requirement is met, right from making the choice to the start-up of the equipment.

Here are some of the ways in which ANTEC Services can help to improve your business efficiency:

  • Buy/Sell: Our technicians can help you buy or sell new or used boilers in India. As one of the leaders in the industry, we have a complete knowledge on what type and size of boiler can be beneficial for your company. Also, if you want to sell your used boiler, we will make sure that you get the most appropriate price for it.
  • Used Boilers: We understand that buying high quality boilers can be difficult for any company, particularly if it is a small or local business. At ANTEC Services, we provide you with the most advanced and well maintained used boilers. This will help you to improve output and reduce the overhead costs of your business.
  • Retrofitting: This involves incorporating new equipment and parts to an old boiler to make it compatible and fully functional just like new. Retrofitting services provided by us includes fuel conversion, pressure part modification, preventing slag in heating surface, improving load alteration rates etc.
  • Boiler Fuel Conversion: This is done to enhance the overall efficiency of the boiler. At ANTEC Services, we provide installation of new ignition systems and control boards for your boiler. You can get your boiler’s fuel converted either from coal or oil to gas or diesel. We also modify the tubes as well as pressure parts that may be required for the new fuel to work properly.
  • Efficiency Enhancement: With this, we can assist you add to the longevity of your boiler while, at the same time, avoid emitting harmful gases into the environment. Rather than replacing your old equipment, simply opting for efficiency enhancement can greatly help the power plants in India reduce the margin between their income and expenditure.

For more information about the services offered by ANTEC Services, call at (011) 6527 2614 or (011) 2512 1779.