Used Boilers

Used Boilers

Every company has a specific budget and there are always plenty of ways to cut more corners. If you are in an energy producing business, you would probably know how expensive boilers can be. However, it is not even possible to establish a successful business without using good quality boilers. One way of making up for the difference between what you can afford and what you need, is by relying on used boilers.

We, at ANTEC Services, provide superior quality used boilers in India and that too at highly affordable prices. The used boilers that we deal in are pre-screened for functionality and operated upon to make it capable of living up to the highest standards in the industry. We carefully inspect each and every component of the boiler to examine if any part needs to be repaired, whether immediately or in the near future. If necessary, we retrofit them with the current technology to make them more viable for the present day power plants in India.

An important aspect of making used boilers a feasible option in India is to combine their technology with what is in use today. When our used boilers are bought by any company in India, they also get the backing of our superior customer support to help them with any potential issues related to the boiler. We have complete confidence in what we offer to our clients. In fact, we would never let you buy a used boiler from us if our quality analysts are not more than satisfied with it. In addition, we also look after the following aspects of the trade:

  • Installation
  • Start up
  • Re-commissioning and repairing of pressure parts
  • Increasing performance trial

We can even customize the goods to match the specific needs of your establishment. Everything ranging from raw material to the manufactured product is taken care of by our expert professionals. We also ensure that you sell or purchase the used boilers at the best price possible.

Finding good quality used boilers in India is easier said than done. With the help of ANTEC Services, you can find all kinds of affordable energy saving solutions related to your power plant. Our employees are highly experienced veterans of the industry and had been dealing with various matters related to energy production. Thus, we can promise that our used boilers will definitely help you increase your business’ productivity and subsequently, profit margins.

If you want to buy used boilers in India, contact ANTEC Services at (011) 6527 2614 or (011) 2512 1779.